Fitness Enjoying Cones


Have your students pair up next to a pair-up cone when the signal is given. Every student tries to flip their cone till it touches the ground! The first student to finish successfully high-fives his or her companion and says, “Good game.” The victorious pupil then jogs around the play area in search of a fresh adversary. They search for a pupil who is performing jumping jacks to accomplish this. These are the people that failed to complete the challenge.

Divide your class into any number of relay teams. See which team can win the relay by flipping a set of cones that are dispersed throughout the gym on the signal. Allow the children to flip the sports cones one at a time. They go to the next cone if they are successful. If not, the group completes the exercise once as a team before the subsequent member gives it a go. The game continues until one team wins the relay.

Flip It To Develop Your Skills With Sports Cones

Similar to Flip It Fitness and Flip It Relay, with the exception that while playing the game, every student dribbles a basketball.

Exercise With Hoops

Ideas For Exercise With Hula Hoops

As each student enters the gym, give them a hoop. Students can create their own activity, or you can put some on the board or present a list of exercises for them to choose from using a projector. The pupils then spin their hoop while choosing any activity they like to undertake. They keep doing it until the hoop stops spinning entirely until the music finishes, keep going.

Timer For Partner’s Exercise

Similar to Fitness Timer, but now in pairs. While the other student spins the hoop, one student chooses the activity. Until the music ends, the activity doesn’t stop.

Fitness Thrown Out

Take a hoop and tape it with floor tape in six different colors. Then make a master sheet of exercises with a task for each color. Ask the pupils to throw and catch the hoop in the air. Any color the learner chooses, have them match it to the task on the master sheet of exercises.

Float Some Bubbles

Create partner relay lines in your class. Set up a row of four polygonal hoops in front of each relay line. Have your students roll or underhand toss a bean bag into the first bubble (the hoop with the poly spot) on the signal. Bring the hoop back if it lands in the bubble (hoop), and keep going until all the hoops have been collected.

Exercise Pyramid

Construct a pyramid out of hoops. 5 comes first, followed by 4, 3, 2, and 1. After that, drop two dice into each hoop. With your class, construct 5 relay lines. The first two pupils in each line move to the first line at the signal and alternately roll the dice. The lower number completes a lap before joining one of the relay lines as the higher number advances. They may use more than and less than, as well as to add and subtract.

Number Conflict

Form two teams. Three, four, or five hoops with written number words are available to each team. The digits 1 through 10 in each hoop. When given the signal, all of the pupils on either team race to the hoop holding the written numbers on the opposing team’s side and take one to carry back to their own hoops across. Before they may put it in their hoops, they must find a poly spot (which have numbers 1 through 10 printed on them) on the way back that corresponds to the number on the card. At conclusion, the team with the most numbered words wins. The amount of time the game is played is up to you.


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