How to Choose the Right Monk Cloth Fabric


One thing is for sure; fabric is the most important component of any garment. As much as the cloth might be crafted excellently, if the clothing is from the wrong monk cloth fabric, then it won’t do justice as it might look like a disaster. Using the right textile helps to improve not only the aesthetics of the cloth but also the practicality of the design.

Therefore, the fabric you choose will determine the final outcome of your cloth. To shop for the right fabric, you need to ensure that you have the picture of your design in mind, and follow the following tips;

Consider Fabric Weight

The fabric weight is measured in grams per square meter (GSM) and it’s the one that will determine how light or heavy the fabric is. It doesn’t mean you’ll go measuring the weight in the store – it’s just differentiating light-weight, medium-weight, and heavy-weight – the higher the fabric GSM, the higher the weight. Therefore, ensure that you consider the correct weight of the fabric once you decide on the right material.


Every material has its specific characteristics depending on stretchability, climate adaptability, breathability, crease resistance, and many more. Therefore, depending on the occasion or even the climate when it will be used, you can choose an optimum fabric for stitching.

For instance, natural and ethical fabric material is excellent for summer. Cotton is the easiest and most stable material to stitch. Also, wild silk is suited mostly for cooler weather. Therefore, you should be able to choose the right material.

The Fabric Drape

The drape is the one that helps how your fabric flows, which means, stiff fabrics usually have less drape, while fluid fabrics have more drape. However, most people have confused drape with weight before, and hence you need to be very careful as the two are very different factors that will affect how your cloth looks.

A fabric that has more drape makes the skirt float away from the body and fabric with a soft drape makes it fold close to the body. Therefore, if you want a floating skirt, ensure that you choose a thin as well as well-draping fabric. However, if you’re looking for a structured skirt, then you should go for a stiff as well as thick fabric.

Fabric Stretch

This means the far your fabric can stretch. Different fabrics come with different elasticity capabilities. Therefore, when choosing the fabric with stretch, ensure that it will work for your pattern as it might change the final product and how it will fit the body.

Grain of the Fabric

Grain is simply the direction of yarns woven together to come up with the fabric. The warp yarns merely are the lengthwise grain and represent the crosswise grain of the fabric. It’s always essential to ensure that the grain of the fabric is not only straight but also perfect when you choose your fabric for stitching. For instance, a bad grain won’t sew or cut well and might result in a poorly constructed cloth.


Therefore, you should always take into consideration all the factors to ensure that you have the right fabric for a perfect cloth outcome.


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